How We Crowdfund and Invest in US Farmland

Who are you and what’s your story? My name is David Chan, I am the Chief Operating Officer and a member of the founding team at Farm Together. In regards to how I became interested in farmland and agriculture, I would say that is centralized around the fact that I grew up in an area […]

How I Invest in Real Estate in Emerging Markets

Who are you and what’s your story? I’m Ladislas Maurice, the founder of The Wandering Investor ( I started investing from the age of 9 when I bought chickens, chicken feed, and started selling eggs to neighbours and family :). My “real” investing career commenced when I started making good money moving up the executive […]

How I Invested in a $350 Million+ Real Estate Portfolio

Who are you and what’s your story? My name is Reed Goossens and my website is You can find my books there and I’ve also got a podcast called “Investing in the U.S.” which is all about investing in real estate here in the United States. I’m originally from Australia. I have a pretty […]